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Your Source for Overland Park Senior Pet Care

Time catches up with everybody sooner or later -- a fact that applies both to humans and to their beloved pets. Geriatric animals have special health risk, considerations and problems that must be monitored and dealt with to ensure a happy and comfortable old age. If your pet is in need of Overland Park senior pet care, you'll find it right here at Blue Valley Animal Hospital.

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Our Overland Veterinarians Share the Importance of
Senior Pet Care

Pets can reach their senior years sooner that you might expect, depending on their species and size. Generally speaking, dogs are considered to enter their senior phase of life after the age of 7, but "giant" breeds (over 90 pounds) may reach this chapter of their lives by age 5 or so. Cats can live longer than dogs, but they too reach the senior" threshold around age 7.

But age is more than just a number -- it also brings with it an elevated risk for many kinds of health issues. Joints may wear out and become arthritic; major organs begin to operate less efficiently or fail outright; periodontal disease may worsen; and ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer become more likely to occur. Many of these issues are associated with obesity, a common result of a slower metabolism/lifestyle. Geriatric pets can also display signs of vision, hearing and cognitive impairment.

To face these age-related issues head on and minimize their impact on your beloved friend, the veterinarians at our Overland Park animal hospital, Dr. Brad Spain and Dr. Mary Gardner, recommend switching from the standard once-a-year Overland pet wellness exam to a twice-yearly exam when the time comes for senior pet care. This gives us the opportunity to run more frequent lab tests that can reveal the presence of destructive illnesses such as diabetes or cancer as early as possible. It also allows us to check your aging pet's reflexes, cognitive responses, sensory acuity and dental health -- including any signs of tooth resorption, a painful problem for older cats.

If it turns out that your senior animal is having health problems, our Overland Park animal hospital can step in to provide a variety of helpful treatments and recommendations. These may include:

  • Medication to get chronic diseases and/or chronic pain under control
  • Nutritional supplements such as fish oil or turmeric to promote joint health
  • Cold laser therapy to relieve chronic joint pain and inflammation
  • Dietary and exercise plans to help obese animals lose weight and move more freely
  • Household accommodations to help compensate for sight, hearing or cognitive issues
  • Cancer surgery and other forms of cancer treatment

Schedule an Overland Pet Wellness Exam for Your Senior Friend

Our Overland Park animal hospital is committed to optimizing your pet's health from the first weeks of life to the geriatric years. If you need to schedule an Overland pet wellness exam for an older member of your furry family, contact Blue Valley Animal Hospital today at 913-681-2818!

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