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Blue Valley Animal Hospital Serving Pet's in Overland Park and Leawood

Pet Vaccinations FAQ's

Scheduling regular vaccinations for pets is part of being a responsible owner. Here are some frequently asked questions we hear about vaccinations at Blue Valley Animal Hospital.

What are pet vaccines?

Vaccines are injections created from killed or weakened disease organisms that strengthen a pet's immunity against the disease. Pet vaccines specifically target animal diseases.

Why is pet vaccination important?

Pets need vaccinations to protect against contagious and deadly diseases. Vaccines have prevented disease-related death for millions of animals since 1900.  Vaccinating your pets also helps prevent a human health risk.

What are core and non-core pet vaccinations?

Core vaccinations are regularly scheduled shots required by law (rabies) or which prevent major pet illnesses. Non-core vaccinations target a pet's specific needs due to lifestyle -- such as frequent boarding -- or geographical location (tick-borne Lyme disease).

What core vaccines do dogs need?

Many highly contagious or fatal dog viruses spread through contact with other dog's body products, such as saliva, fecal matter and urine.  Core vaccinations to fight these illnesses include:

  • Rabies -- encephalitis deadly to dogs and people they bite
  • Bordetella -- A form of kennel cough often picked up at daycare, boarding, and dog parks
  • Distemper -- Infected lymph nodes spread the virus to the nervous system
  • Hepatitis -- Viral infection causes the liver and other body organs to fail
  • Parainfluenza -- Causes tracheobronchitis (another type of kennel cough)
  • Parvo -- A mostly intestinal virus causing loss of appetite and diarrhea in young puppies  
  • Corona -- Another highly contagious intestinal virus
  • Leptospirosis -- A potentially fatal disease causing fever, dehydration, kidney and liver failure

Many of these core vaccinations are combined into a single shot, such as DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvo and parainfluenza).

What core vaccines do cats need?

In addition to rabies shots, core vaccinations for cats include:

  • Feline distemper (also called panleukopenia) -- A virus that invades rapidly growing parts of the body, including the digestive system
  • Rhinotracheitis Virus -- A leading cause of feline upper-respiratory illness
  • Calicivirus -- Another cause of upper respiratory infection.
  • Feline Chlamydia- Chronic upper respiratory infection 

FVRCP is a single vaccination treating for all three illnesses.

When should vaccination begin for a puppy or kitten?

Vaccination begins at 8 to 10 weeks old. This is followed by booster shots about every three weeks until the puppy or kitten is about 17 weeks old.

How often does my pet need vaccinations?

Some vaccines provide immunity for less than a year whereas others may last a few years. Please contact us at Blue Valley Animal Hospital for information about vaccine duration.

Is rabies vaccination a legal requirement?

Yes! It is required by law nationwide, because it is so deadly.

What are the side effects after vaccination?

Although vaccines can pose problems, their benefits exceed the risks. Side effects immediately following vaccination may include decreased appetite and activity as well as some soreness at the injection site.  In severe allergic reactions, you may notice hives or facial swelling.

Vaccines are essential to good health. For a consultation about your pet's vaccination needs, please call or email us at Blue Valley Animal Hospital in Overland, KS.

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