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The Value of Our Overland Park Spay and Neuter Surgery Services

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When you think of pet surgery, images of emergency procedures might come to mind. But some forms of pet surgery are preventative in nature -- including spay and neuter surgeries performed at our Overland Park veterinary center. Sexual sterilization surgery can boost your pet's health while eliminating the worry about unwanted pregnancies. Here at Blue Valley Animal Hospital, we're more than happy to offer Overland Park spay and neuter services for animals just like yours.

Neutering (castration or removal of the testicles) and spaying (ovariohysterectomy or the removal of the female reproductive organs) are two forms of surgery that have long been employed to prevent uncontrolled production of puppies and kittens. Unless you're a professional animal breeder, you probably aren't prepared to look after multiple litters of baby animals, from feeding them to fulfilling their health and wellness needs. Many overburdened per owners must relinquish these new arrivals to equally overburdened animal shelters, making it harder for the shelters to provide necessary services for the animal community and forcing the destruction of many of these animals. By sterilizing your pet, you're helping yourself and the entire Overland Park animal community to take better care of the pets we already have.

But there's another important reason to spay or neuter your pets. Removal of the reproductive organs can dramatically lower your pet's lifetime cancer risk by eliminating the risk of testicular, uterine and ovarian cancers. (Spaying also lowers the risk of mammalian cancer.) Our Overland Park spay and neuter services also remove the aggression, frustration and roaming behaviors that accompany the mating drive. This makes your pet happier, safer to be around and less likely to get into fights or accidents.

Spay or neuter surgery at our Overland Park animal hospital is a fairly uncomplicated procedure performed under general anesthesia. Neutering is the simpler of the two procedures, but our Overland Park veterinary team is highly skilled and experienced at both spay and neuter surgery. It may take several hours for your pet to completely get over the effects of the anesthesia, and 7 to days for the incision site to heal completely. We will advise you on how to monitor the incision for any signs of infection that might require our attention. Your pet might need to wear a protective collar to prevent licking or biting at the incision site while it heals.

Schedule Spay or Neuter Surgery at Our Overland Park Animal Hospital 

Now that you see the many benefits this type of Overland Park pet surgery holds for animals, take the next critical step for your pet's health and wellness by scheduling this form of preventative care at our Overland Park animal hospital. Call Blue Valley Animal Hospital at 913-681-2818 today so we can help your beloved companion enjoy a longer and happier life!

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