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Lacerations & Wound Care at Blue Valley Animal Hospital in Overland Park

Lacerations and wounds on a pet raise concerns about infections or other health complications. When you notice a cut on your pet, you want to consider visiting a veterinarian in Overland Park to ensure the safety and health of your pet.

Dog getting his wound wrapped in Overland Park.

Steps to Take After a Pet's Injury

After an injury to your pet, you want to take measures to ensure their safety before seeking professional care. While small cuts and lacerations may not cause major concerns, a large cut may continue bleeding and raise risks to your pet's health.

Look carefully at the wound before taking any measures. A large cut or severe wound requires veterinary care from a professional. After checking on the wound, gently clean any visible debris or dirt from the area. Use a clean bandage or a clean cloth to control any bleeding and seek pet care from a veterinarian in Overland Park. Do not use any antiseptic on large cuts or obvious wounds.

Treatment at an Animal Hospital

An animal hospital offers treatment after evaluating the severity of your pet's injury. We may provide a pet wellness exam to determine the amount of lost blood, risks of an infection and current health. Depending on the injury, we may shave or clip part of the fur around the injured area. Deep cuts and lacerations may require stitches or similar treatments. In the case of severe wounds, our treatments depend on the type of injury and the risks to your pet's health.

By working with professionals in an animal hospital, you prevent your pet from facing complications or health risks. We identify the severity of the wound and take measures to prevent infections or address an infection when it develops.

When to Seek Treatment from Overland Park Veterinarians

As a general rule, you want to seek treatment from Overland Park veterinarians when you notice a laceration or wound on your pet. Blood raises concerns for your pet's health and you want to ensure that you obtain proper pet care based on the injuries.

Minor scrapes and cuts may not require professional care. If you notice a small scrape, then clean and bandage the area. Infections may develop in minor wounds, so seek treatment if you notice swelling, pus or other signs of an infection. A pet's behavior also determines when to seek treatment for an injury. Do not wait for treatment if you notice severe limping, signs of pain in your pet or obvious discomfort in your pet's behavior. Cats and dogs may also whine or make sounds suggesting pain, even when you overlook a wound or do not see blood for any reason. Do not wait for treatment if you suspect an injury to your pet.

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Wound care plays a key role in the health and well-being of your pets. By working with a veterinarian, you prevent infections or complications. To learn more about keeping your pet healthy and active after an injury, contact us at 913-681-2818 today.

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