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Feline Laser Declaw Surgery in Overland Park

Misinformation about Feline Declaw Surgery:

In recent years, feline declaw surgery has received much attention as being a painful, inappropriate procedure that should not be performed at all. If done incorrectly, it is a painful procedure that can disfigure the digital toe pads that our patients' need to walk appropriately.

Guillotine or Sharp Dissection Surgery

If the declaw is performed by what I call the Guillotine method, a significant portion of each toe pad is inadvertently amputated, and the healed toe pad is generally disfigured. This could result in future pain related problems. The Guillotine method is quick, and although performed under general anesthesia, it requires painful tourniquets be applied during surgery and pressure bandages after surgery for several days.

The Guillotine method should never be performed. An alternative to the Guillotine method is sharp dissection, but this method still requires tourniquets and pressure bandages after surgery.

Laser Surgery For Your Cat

Laser surgery offers specific advantages:

  • It is bloodless- there is no bleeding during the procedure.
  • It seals nerve endings, so that post-operatively there is a minimum of discomfort
    * No surgery is completely pain-free, but laser surgery reduces a significant amount of post-surgical discomfort
  • Tourniquets and pressure bandages are NEVER needed

With laser precision surgery, the claw is dissected completely free from it's ligament attachments. The soft tissue and digital toe pads are completely preserved and not affected by the surgery. The toe pads as preserved are oblong in shape and not deformed.

In summary, the advantages of Laser Declaw Surgery are that your cat will be pain-free after recovery, your cat will still mimic sharpening and kneading of toes that feline patients normally do as a result of being happy, and you will save your furniture.

Above is a neat picture of a white kitty with all black pads 10 days after having declaw surgery.  Note how all of the pads remain intact after the laser declaw procedure.

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