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Accurate, State-of-the Art Digital X-rays from Your Overland Park Veterinarian

Digital X-Ray at Blue Valley Animal Hospital

You love your pet; you care deeply about their quality of life. If they become injured, you want the very best in care to get them through their health issue and back to enjoying life again. One of the best ways to help facilitate this is through digital X-rays.

Whether your pet is faced with a pet emergency like a broken bone, fracture, the need for pet surgery, or you are looking for insights into more effective pain management, digital X-ray services from your Overland Park animal hospital can help.

The Benefits of Digital X-Ray Diagnostics for Pets 

Digital X-rays, also known as digital radiography, offers the most advanced method available of obtaining a radiograph of your pet’s issue. Digital X-rays help to facilitate efficiency in making important health decisions. No time is needed to develop the image as with past X-ray methods; your Overland Park animal hospital can immediately evaluate and interpret the image so that the best course of action for your pet can be started immediately.

The following are some of the additional benefits of digital X-rays:

Safer. Digital X-rays are much safer for your pet than the traditional style of plate radiographs. There is far less radiation exposure.

More accurate. Digital X-rays can be adjusted for literally hundreds of different views of your pet to ensure an accurate assessment of the affected area. Images can be magnified and altered for higher contrast and detail.

A comprehensive analysis. Pet X-rays with digital technology allows your Overland Park animal hospital to see clearly see your pet’s bones, joints and internal organs. We can assess for anatomy abnormalities, gas pockets, fluid accumulations, densities or potential masses within your pet’s body.

Transferrable. If required, your pet’s digital X-rays can be sent out to a specialist for further diagnosis. You can also have the images sent to you via email or burned to a disc so that you can have them on file.

Digital X-rays are simply the best option when assessing a broken bone, fracture, or other pet emergency. They can also assist when preparing for pet surgery or finding more targeted and effective options for pet pain management.

Blue Valley Animal Hospital Puts Pet Safety and Quality of Life First

Digital pet X-rays are performed right here at our Overland Park animal hospital. We are experienced in optimal pet X-ray procedures and will ensure the safest methods and processes are used to minimize radiation exposure for your pet.

Sedation services are available if necessary. We are focused on minimizing the stress of veterinary visits for your pet. We can review the results with you immediately so that the ideal course of action can be taken.

Whether your pet is faced with a pet emergency like a fracture, broken bone, pet surgery, or the need for better pain management, digital X-ray services from your Overland Park animal hospital can help us find the optimal solution. Contact Blue Valley Animal Hospital for attentive care for all your pet’s health needs. Contact our Overland Park Veterinarian at (913) 681-2818.

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