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Overland Park Animal Hospital Specializes in Pet Reproduction Services

Ensuring your female pet's reproductive health remains in optimal condition throughout her life supports the functioning of her immune system and her ability to give birth to healthy babies. Although spayed female pets are less likely than unspayed female animals to experience reproductive problems, there is still the potential for all female dogs, cats, and other pets to suffer reproductive disorders. Additionally, your Overland Park veterinarian recommends the following reproductive services for breeders and owners of pregnant female pets. 

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Progesterone Testing

Ovaries release progesterone during the heat cycle. Sustained increases in progesterone generally coincide with a surge of luteinizing hormone, which indicates ovulation is due to occur within 48 hours of the surge. Progesterone testing helps pet owners pinpoint ovulation so that pregnancy is more easily achieved. To support a pregnancy, progesterone levels should hold steady at two ng/ml or above. When female pets experience failed pregnancies, your Overland Park vet may suggest a progesterone test see if ovaries are functioning properly.

Pregnancy Detection

If you suspect your pet may be pregnant, bring her to our Overland Park veterinary hospital for accurate pregnancy testing. Ultrasounds detect heartbeats around 35 days into the pregnancy while blood tests that check for relaxin, a hormone produced as soon as implantation of the fertilized egg completes, can determine a pregnancy. X-rays taken at the two-month mark may also reveal fetus numbers and size of fetuses.

Uterine Biopsies

Unspayed, older female dogs often develop uterine tumors called leiomyomas that are found in the epithelial tissues and smooth muscles of the uterus. Uterine biopsies performed by your Overland Park veterinarian consist of removing small amounts of the tumor for examination under a microscope. Fortunately, only one out of 10 female dogs with uterine tumors are diagnosed with cancer. A uterine biopsy can determine if the lesion is cancerous so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Vaginal Cytology

Examining vaginal fluid samples reveal hormonal fluctuations during the heat cycle for determining ovulation times. This procedure is often done to aid in achieving accurate timing for insemination.  Additionally, vaginal cytology is used to detect the presence of infection, parasites, systemic inflammation and fungal diseases.


C-sections are performed for the same reasons they are needed in humans--babies are in distress, the mother is ill or her birth canal may be too narrow. Often times C-sections are needed after hours.  Our Staff is available to provide after hours emergency surgical services.   If your pet requires a C-section, your Overland Park vet will explain why the procedure is necessary and answer any questions you have about C-sections.

Artificial Insemination/Surgical AI

The popularity of artificial insemination (AI) among dog and cat breeders continues to rise. Benefits of AI include increasing breed quality, overcoming travel limitations and avoiding mating failures. Sperm cells deemed appropriate in number and health can be infused immediately into females using a small tube long enough to reach the cervix. Surgical AI involves our Overland Park Animal Hospital veterinarian making an incision in the abdomen and injecting semen directly into the animal's uterus. Some breeders prefer surgical AI because of its high fertility rate, ability to overcome low quality semen and success with females suffering cervical fertility issues.

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