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Our Overland Vet Recommends Nutritional Counseling

Eating a healthy diet is the foundation of any pet's health and well-being. As a pet owner, you want to provide the right foods to keep a dog or cat healthy as they reach different stages of life. By obtaining pet nutritional counseling in Overland Park, you address the needs of your pets and can feel confident that they have appropriate meal options for their specific needs.

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What is Pet Nutritional Counseling in Overland Park?

Before you can determine when to consider visiting a veterinary animal hospital, you want to understand the goal of pet nutritional counseling in Overland Park. The counseling is a process that starts with an evaluation of your pet's current health and well-being. A veterinary professional evaluates the needs of your dog, cat or any other pet and then recommends a personalized nutrition plan based on their current situation. 

The goal of the counseling is educating the pet owner to provide better meal options and to limit unhealthy food choices. An Overland Park animal hospital provides the tools you need to make the right decisions for your pet.

Why Consider Nutritional Counseling for your Pet?

The reason you want to consider nutritional counseling in long-term health and wellness. When your pet does not eat a healthy diet, it leads to obesity and health risks associated with excess weight. You want to provide a balanced diet with the appropriate amount of calories and nutrients for their situation. 

Generally, pets need fewer calories in their day than a pet owner. Small pets may need as little as a few hundred calories while larger pets may need slightly more calories. You also want to consider their fitness level and activity level to ensure proper caloric intake for an animal's specific needs. When you are unsure about appropriate meals and dietary needs for your pet, nutritional counseling helps you make the right decisions.

Following Through with Advice from a Veterinarian in Overland Park

When you visit Blue Valley Animal Hospital and talk to a veterinarian in Overland Park about a pet's nutritional needs, you want to follow through with the advice provided for your dog, cat or the animal. A veterinarian in our veterinary animal hospital makes suggestions based on the age of your pet, their size, and their specific needs. We may suggest fewer calories help a pet lose weight or more calories when a pet is active and needs to gain weight.

We also provide details about proper balanced nutrition for different animals based on their specific needs. For example, we may recommend more protein for cats when compared to dogs and we may also recommend limitations in certain treats to avoid unhealthy habits. As the owner, you must follow through to ensure your pet's health.

Making changes to a pet's diet for better health and well-being starts with identifying the animal's needs at an Overland Park animal hospital. For more details or an appointment with a nutritional counseling professional, contact us at (913) 681-2818 today.

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