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The Importance of Microchipping for Pets at our Overland Park Animal Hospital

Here’s a story all too familiar at our Overland Park animal hospital: there’s a knock at your door, and when you open it slightly, your beloved pet slips through the crack and disappears before your eyes. But there’s hope for his or her return: microchipping by our veterinarian in Overland Park makes the difference between a pet who is lost forever and one who is reunited with their family.

dog microchipping

Why Microchipping Makes the Difference

The American Humane Society estimates that over 10 million pets are lost or stolen each year, and that 1 in 3 will go missing sometime in their lives. Sadly, only 22 percent of lost dogs and 2 percent of lost cats will ever be reunited with their families. But, with pet microchipping at our Blue Valley veterinary animal hospital, those odds increase to a return rate of 52 percent for dogs and 38 percent for cats! Some of you may wonder, doesn’t an identification tag on my pet’s collar serve the same purpose as microchipping? Here at our Overland Park animal hospital, our veterinarian will tell you that an ID tag is definitely important, but when on the run, the likelihood is high that the pet’s collar and/or tag will become lost in the frenzy of escape.

The Process of Microchipping

Many of our clients think that microchipping is a surgical procedure performed under anesthesia, which, gladly is an erroneous assumption.  Our veterinarian in Overland Park simply inserts a device about the size of a grain of rice under the skin between the pet’s shoulder blades. The whole process is similar to the injection of a vaccine.

How Microchipping Protects Pets

The microchip that is inserted by our veterinarian in Overland Park contains unique coding that is dependable, reliable and permanent. The code is matched with your contact information and registered into a secure database. If your contact information changes, you simply notify the registry to update it, a process which can often be done online. If your pet becomes lost, it’s likely that when found, he or she will be brought to a veterinary animal hospital or an animal shelter where they will be scanned for a microchip and its associated data. Then, voila! You will be reunited with your pet!

Microchipping When Disaster Strikes

The climate in our area is susceptible to extremes and severe weather, especially the threat of tornadoes. Should a violent tornado strike, or any weather emergency, and your pet becomes separated from you, once again, the microchip will help you be reunited.

The Cost of Microchipping

Another misconception is that microchipping is an expensive proposition. Not true. The process is simple from our standpoint, plus the cost of the registry, all equaling the approximate cost of a month of your pet’s food.

Get your pet micropchipped today with our Overland Park Vet!

Our veterinarian in Overland Park encourages you to consider microchipping for your pet. Contact our veterinary animal hospital so we can tell you more.

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