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Bone Fracture Care in Overland Park

A bone fracture in a beloved pet can be a frightening, traumatizing experience. But there's no need for panic when you have Blue Valley Animal Hospital to provide expert Overland Park pet fracture treatment. 

Bone Fractures in pets

Our Veterinarian in Overland Park Discusses the Anatomy of a Bone Fracture

The two basic categories of bone fracture are open or "compound" (with the broken bone penetrating the skin) and closed. But there are also several variations, each of which may require a different approach to treatment:

  • Incomplete - A crack in the bone that does not extend all the way through it. This kind of fracture may be evident only under x-rays. 

  • Complete - These fractures break the bone into two segments, ideally with the ends still in alignment for easier setting.

  • Comminuted - These complete fractures have shifted so that the bone ends are at unnatural angles to each other.

Compound fractures pose an extra threat because they create an open wound in the skin. This exposes the bone ends and soft tissues to possible bacterial infections. 

Pet Fracture Treatment Methods

Whatever type of bone fracture your pet has sustained, treat it as a veterinary emergency -- but don't try to treat the injury yourself by setting the bones or sterilizing the wound. Simply apply pressure to stop out-of-control bleeding, wrap the injury in a clean cloth and bring your pet to our clinic for Overland Park pet fracture treatment. Dr. Spain or Dr. Gardner will take x-rays and then recommend the proper course of care.

The exact treatment we prescribe will depend on the severity and type of the fracture. A small incomplete fracture may need only a cast or splint. A complete or comminuted fracture is more likely to need internal fixation surgery. In this procedure, we set the bones back into position and install special plates and screws to hold them firmly in place while they heal. This hardware is left in the patient and generally does not need to be removed unless they develop a reaction or draining tract from the plate and screws.  

In the most severe cases, where a limb has been crushed or has sustained multiple complex fractures, we may need to consider the option of amputation. This prospect may be understandably troubling to owners, but most pets adapt to it quite well, demonstrating good mobility and enjoying a high quality of life. 

Turn to Our Overland Park Animal Hospital for Prompt Bone Fracture Care!

Our Overland Park animal hospital is standing by to help your pet through the pain and panic of a bone fracture. Contact Blue Valley Animal Hospital at 913-681-2818 for instructions and reassurance whenever trouble strikes!

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