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Emergency Services: Animal Hospital in Overland Park

At one time or another, you’re bound to have an emergency with your pet when you’ll need emergency services from our veterinarian in Overland Park. When your pet is in trouble from illness or injury, you need the expert urgent care services provided by Blue Valley Animal Hospital near Overland Park.

Dog in need of urgent care.

What Constitutes an “Emergency”

The number one rule is this: if you think it’s an emergency, then it is an emergency and your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Upon examination, we may find that your pet will quickly recover, but when you’re concerned, we’re concerned. 

Common Emergency Conditions Seen at Blue Valley Animal Hospital in Overland Park

A Quick Check - There are a few quick checks you can do to first assess your pet’s condition Look at their gums: are they pale and sticky or healthy pink and moist? Is your pet’s behavior “off,” either uncharacteristically quiet or very hyper? Is she eating and drinking? Has he vomited or had diarrhea? It will help us if you do come with any of this information.

Breathing Difficulty - One of the scariest things to see is a pet struggling to breathe. Do not wait, this is often times very serious, grab your pet and come directly to our animal hospital near Overland Park for emergency care.

Bloat - You may not have heard of bloat, a life-threatening condition caused by gastric dilatation with volvulus, the term for when the stomach fills with gas, food or liquid and squeezes the adjoining organs. This then may cause difficulty breathing, impeded blood flow to the heart and stomach, and tears in the stomach lining. Bloat causes these symptoms: restlessness, panting, extreme discomfort, abdominal distention and inability to vomit.

Vomiting and Diarrhea - Vomiting and diarrhea can either be a very benign or very serious condition that warrants immediate emergency services. Prolonged gastrointestinal symptoms often lead to dehydration which means your pet needs IV fluids. Our veterinarian in Overland Park will evaluate your pet’s condition and recommend the appropriate diagnostic tests to help treat them.

Poisoning - Pet poisoning can look like other things, so another reason to whisk your pet to your veterinarian in Overland Park if you have some suspicion that they have possibly ingested some poison. Pets can be severely poisoned by many seemingly innocuous substances such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, rodent bait, human medications, antifreeze, household cleaning supplies and more. There is no one set of poison symptoms.

Lack of Appetite - Most pets enjoy their meals and whatever snacks they can get in between, so when your pet goes off his food, something is up. Dehydration is the number one concern, so a non-eating pet is a pet that needs our emergency services.

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Blue Valley Animal Hospital near Overland Park is your go-to vet for urgent care. Contact our veterinarian near Overland Park to find out more.

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