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Getting Treatment for Pet Allergies at Our Veterinarian near Overland Park

Animals can develop allergies just as people do, fortunately for our beloved animal companions; help is readily available for pet allergies at their veterinarian near Overland Park. There are numerous causes of pet allergies, which is why professional evaluation from vets is the best way to get to the root cause and then develop a treatment plan.

Dog rolling in the grass in Overland Park, KS.

We’re proud that so many people have entrusted their beloved pets with us because they find that Blue Valley Animal Hospital is the best veterinarian Overland Park KS has to offer for handling symptoms of pet allergies.

Dog Allergies in Overland Park

Dog allergies occur when something in the environment triggers the canine’s immune system. The immune system reacts to substances called allergens that can be ingested or inhaled or when they come into contact with the animal’s skin. Typical symptoms of allergies in dogs include itchy and runny eyes, an increase in scratching, and skin that is moist, itchy or scabbed. Itchy ears and infected ears are other common symptoms to keep an eye out for. If your pooch has an itch at the base of the tail, this is a very common sign of flea allergy.

Dogs with allergies may tend to chew their paws or suffer from swollen paws. For some dogs, allergy symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting or sneezing. A wide range of substances in the environment can lead to dog allergies, including grass, weed and tree pollens, perfumes, shampoo (with insecticide) and common household cleaning products. Food allergies are another strong possibility, with some dogs not being able to tolerate soy or wheat, for example, or animal products such as pork, beef or chicken.

Cat Allergies Treated by Blue Valley Animal Hospital

As with dogs (and people), cat allergies occur because something in the local environment is affecting the feline’s immune system. Symptoms that we typically see in allergic cats include snoring (from an inflamed throat), eyes that are itchy and running, and an increase in scratching because of itchy skin. Your cat might be coughing or sneezing when allergens are nearby. 

Cats are subject to fleas and if there is an infestation, there will typically be an itchy base of the tail that is bothering the animal. The vet may need to rule out food allergies, such as to chicken products. More serious cases of allergic reactions include vomiting and diarrhea. 

Contact Blue Valley Animal Hospital to Schedule an Appointment in Overland Park

If you have ever suffered from allergies yourself you can certainly sympathize with your animal companion when its allergy symptoms arise. Bring your pet in for an evaluation with one of our vets to see what remedies and treatments are currently available.

Once you come in for your first appointment, you’ll see why Blue Valley Animal Hospital is the veterinarian Overland Park residents prefer. For more information on symptoms of pet allergies or the causes of pet allergies or to make an appointment for a consultation, please connect with Blue Valley Animal Hospital today at 913-681-2818.

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